Our company's main aim is to carry out the foreign trading activities, like import and export of the products of our refractory materials manufacturing plant SORMAS A.S. which is established in Sogut / BILECIK and also representation of various foreign companies.

SÖRPA DIŞ TİCARET A.Ş. exports SÖRMAŞ A.Ş. products which are supported by       ISO 9002 Quality Assurance System and spreaded to a wide production range, required by the main industrial sectors like iron & steel, cement, lime, waste incineration, glass, ceramic, non ferrous metals, chemistry and petrochemistry for ladle furnace, steel casting ladle, E.A.F, tundish, mixer, cement rotary kiln, lime furnace, glass furnace regenerators, glaze meliting furnaces to more than 20 countries in 4 continents.

Other than SÖRPA A.Ş. and SÖRMAŞ A.Ş., there is also SÖRHAZ A.Ş. company which supplies clay, kaolen, pegmatite and feldspate as raw materials to ceramic plants and sells marble; transportation and mining company SÖRTRANS LTD. and insurance (agency) company SÖRSİGORTA LTD. within our group of companies.

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